GF-255 3.0mil-Optically Clear Gloss Vinyl


GF-255 3.0mil-Optically Clear Gloss Vinyl


Concept 255 is a 3.0 mil optically clear high gloss flexible calendared PVC film coated with an optically clear solvent removable pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a 2 mil traction backed polyester liner. This film is designed to a accept a variety of solvent-based, UV curable and latex inks common to wide format digital printing systems. The adhesive system provides clean removal from glass for up to one year under normal exposure conditions. The 2 mil polyester liner has a traction coating to aide in processing on common digital printers.

3.0mil Optically Clear Gloss Vinyl Removable 2.0mil Traction Backed Polyester Liner


  • Designed for temporary short term interior or exterior signage, decals and point-of-purchase displays on windows where optical clarity is required.

Spec Sheet# GF-255-54150

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