GF-107 1.5mil-White Opaque Print Mounting Film


GF-107 1.5mil-White Opaque Print Mounting Film

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Concept 107 Print Mounting Film is a double-coated pressure sensitive 1.5 mil opaque white polypropylene film with the 200-4985 permanent adhesive. One 4.5 mil white 76# paper liner is used. This product is designed for laminating thin flexible films and papers under 10 mils in total thickness. This opaque mounting film is laminated by the cold laminating process without the addition of heat.

1.5mil White Opaque Print Mounting Film


  • Designed to mount photographic, digital, screen printed, and other printed images to a variety of substrates such as Gatorfoam, Fome-Cor, and Sintra. May also be used with smooth painted metal and clean plastic substrates such as ABS, rigid vinyl and styrene. In all cases the substrates must be clean and free of dust, dirt and oil.

Part # GF-107-38150 / GF-107-51150 / GF-107-54150

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