GF-103 5.0mil-Velvet Gloss Clear Polycarbonate Laminate


GF-103 5.0mil-Velvet Gloss Clear Polycarbonate Laminate

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Concept 103 Textured Overlaminating Film is a pressure sensitive 5.0 Mil velvet/very fine matte polycarbonate film with the otically clear RD-60A, permanent acrylic adhesive on a 1.5 mil polyester film liner. This polycarbonate film offers protection from abrasion, moisture and other environmental exposures. It is laminated by the cold laminating process without the addition of heat.

5mil Velvet Gloss Polycarbonate Lamination


  • Designed to protect digital image prints and screen-printed images for exhibit and display graphics. Can be used in most instances where an overlay with non-glare properties is required. This film can be used to produce flat, curved or rolled display graphics.

Spec Sheets # GF-103-38150 / GF-103-51150/ GF-103-54150/ GF-103-61150

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