PrinterEvolution: Evo33 DS

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PrinterEvolution: Evo33 DS


Why The Evo33 DS?

No other printer on the market can claim the speed, resolution, service model or ink options that Evo33 offers. Wrap that all up in a bundle that costs a fraction of other printers and there should be no more questions. But here are a few more reasons:

GREEN - The Evo33 is designed with the environment in mind

  • When purchasing an Evo33 a frame is being recycled, saving manufacturing as well as cost and energy from inbound shipping an old printer out and a new one in.
  • The stripped parts are recycled back into the market.
  • All ink options are environmentally friendly.
  • The printer has no mercury filled UV lamps that cause ozone depletion.
  • The electrical draw is lower than some competitive technologies because we don't require excess heat to set our inks.
  • Evo33 Printers come with a Caldera RIP with CostView 3.0, which includes the industry's first carbon footprint monitoring.

PERFORMANCE - Achieve speeds and resolution of the most expensive printers on the market, at a fraction of the price.

This is the industry's only 3.2 meter versa drop, 10pL greyscale head printer. In a word; beautiful.

  • With 10pL, versa drop, fully greyscale heads there is no need for light colors to achieve gorgeous quartertones, skin tones and smooth gradations. The inks and heads are used more efficiently, offering you up to a 30% - 50% cost reduction per square foot. Download articles on more about versa drop heads and ink savings.
  • Reach production speeds of up to 1300 square feet per hour and get apparent resolution of up to 1200dpi.
  • The Evo33 has four heads per color in 4-color mode, using versa drop heads, which will increase speed beyond current 4-color specifications, at better than 8-color quality.

INK OPTIONS - Make it the printer you want

  • AquaSub33 Water Based Dye Sublimation Inks

    • Can be printed direct or via transfer.
    • Greatest color gamut in it's class.
    • Also available with Orange and Violet gamut expansion colors.
    • Odorless, low-flammability and non-irritating.
    • OKOTEX Certification on media remains.
  • LoSol33 BioSolvent Inks

    • Derived from natural, renewable resources.
    • Contain no hazardous air pollutants or heavy metals.
    • Have excellent adhesion and abrasion characteristics.

RIP - Drive, Manage, Calculate and Cut with the industry's top software.

Evo33 printers come with Caldera GrandRIP+ which include an iPad integrated version of CostView. You can view jobs, monitor ink and media costs, calculate start to finish costs and export for further analysis, from anywhere in the world. CostView also includes the industry's first carbon footprint calculator.

Optional Items Include

  • GrandCut - Zund cut workflow
  • TotalColor - CMS
  • Additional drivers
  • Integrated MIS (Management Information System), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) connected with Caldera GrandRIP.

SUPPORT - Break the paradigm of what support looks like today.

PrinterEvolution offers self-service and manufacturer support in a way you've never seen it before. Your business is in real time, now your service and support can be in real time too. Every Evo33 Series printer comes with an iPad loaded with an online intelligent service module allowing PrinterEvolution technicians to remotely diagnose and help you fix issues real time. It will train your production staff, provide diagnostic videos, push interactive preventative maintenance queues and continually grow with Evo33 community experiences. Codes on major components tie directly into the service module for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Users can stream live issues. A custom storefront on the iPad can be used to order parts, consumables, ink and media.

  • Customized login

    With every Evo33 unit, you will receive an iPad to use for instant integrated support, integrated cost management on your RIP and a custom storefront for ordering consumables, parts and supplies.

  • Custom Training

    iPad Integrated Service is customized for you. You will send your production staff through online training. Each time you login to your service account in the future, the system knows what you know, and more. When you get new production staff, they will receive their own login and begin training from the ground up.

  • Diagnostics Wizard

    Navigate within the custom system from issue > to symptoms (with symptom videos where applicable) > to causes > to solutions that include images and videos.

  • FaceTime

    Use FaceTime to be live with a service technician who can look at your printer with you, if you haven't been able to solve the problem with your troubleshooting and diagnostics wizard.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    A well-maintained machine holds its value and increases uptime. Our iPad Integrated Service includes an interactive preventative maintenance queue with reminders to perform your preventative maintenance. It also has remote management observation so that you (and we) can make sure that preventative maintenance is being performed.

  • QR Codes

    Major printer components are QR coded. Using your iPad they can be scanned to take you directly to specific troubleshooting, installation or diagnostics.

  • Intelligent Software

    We will take you out of the service abyss currently used in the industry and introduce you to living, breathing service axis. The field experiences of the entire Evo33 community of users are fed into this system so that it grows with every experience. It is live and instant.

  • Personal Storefront

    With your iPad you can also login to your custom storefront to order parts, consumables, ink and media.


Apparent Resolution - 1200dpi

Production Speed - up to 1300 sq ft/hr

Head Technology - Spectra Q-class Versa Drop Greyscale

Number of Inks - 4-color or 6-color - CMYK + Orange and Violet

Ink Types - AquaSub Water Based Dye Sub or LoSol Bio Solvent

Max Width - 126"



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