PrinterEvolution: Eos126-DS


PrinterEvolution: Eos126-DS


The Dawn Of A New Era

Robust, versatile and turn-key. An industrial built 3.2 meter textile printer with an on-board calender for high quality, high production printing.


  • 2.5 liter bulk system for high energy disperse inks
  • Achieve a billiant color gamut with super rich blacks, a heavy pigment load and excellent grayscale
  • Water-based inks pass all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certifications
  • Produced in an ISO 9001 facility with strict quality control
  • Very competetive cost per pint

Superior Quality and Low Cost of Operation

  • Ricoh Gen-4 variable drop greyscale heads produce high image quality seen with small drop sizes and the productivity associated with large drop printing
  • Uses 4-color ink set and produces gradients and midtones as good or better than competing 6-color printers

Media Feed System

  • Two stepping motors and synchronized dancing rollers fine tune the feeding process better than pinch rollers used in other systems
  • For stretchable fabrics like Lycra, spandex and other sports textiles, the Eos uses a cork-covered cylinder to spread and hold the fabric in place, maintaining perfect, precise print quality.

True On-Board Sublimation

  • Advanced on-board sublimation unit dramatically reduces the equipment footprint requirements and delivers a finished product right off the printer.
  • This true calender utilizes consistent heat and pressure, unlike other "blackbox" or "toaster" units that do not apply pressure and merely heat the fabric and partially sublimate the ink
  • The precise use of heat, pressure and dwell time on the Eos ensures full sublimation and prints that will not bleed or fade due to wet conditions

Complete System, Smaller Footprint

  • Eos printers are designed with a built-in fume extraction unit preventing the need to install extra ductwork onsite
  • Low energy filtration unit uses long life, inexpensive Hydrophobic HEPA filters
  • A system fail signal alerts the operator when the unit is not functioning properly
  • Optional inline cutting system uses 6 adjustable cold-knife blades allowing the operator to cut print jobs into batches as they come off the printer

RIP - Drive, Manage, Calculate and Cut with the industry's top software.

Eos printers come with Caldera GrandRIP+ which include an iPad integrated version of CostView. You can view jobs, monitor ink and media costs, calculate start to finish costs and export for further analysis, from anywhere in the world. CostView also includes the industry's first carbon footprint calculator.


HEAD TECHNOLOGY - Ricoh Gen-4 Variable Drop Greyscale


PRODUCTION SPEED — SQ FT - 560 sq ft/hr | 849 sq ft/hr

PRODUCTION SPEED — SQ M - 52 sq m/hr | 79 sq m/hr

INK TYPE - Water-based High Energy Disperse



MAX WIDTH - 126"


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