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Bella Digital premium printable magnet

We carry a variety of printable magnetic rolls for commercial printing. Magnetic graphics can be a great resource to make normal objects into advertisements.

We carry two product lines for our printable magnet, Mactac and our own magnet line Bella Digital.

A big variable that matters when picking out magnetic material is the amount of pull force. We offer material that ranges in pull force from 36lbs all the way to 126lbs. You can use the comparison below for reference. Depending on the job you may need to use something with a little bit more pull force and that is when you would want your high energy material. All of these products are

Applications: custom displays, arts and crafts, POP displays, retail and restaurant.

High energy magnet versus regular printable magnet

Another magnet related product will be receptive. Magnetic receptive can be great for POP displays, message boards, teaching aids, arts and crafts, decorative magnets, portraits, and temporary signage. The way it works is you would have to install plain brown magnet first and then can use the receptive to stick to the magnet. This is why it works great for menu boards and decorative magnet.

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