Everyone loves a good sticker

Sticker and Decal Material

Don’t underestimate the power of a well placed sticker or decal. Customers enjoy representing brands they love one way they do this is by slapping a sticker somewhere. This is free advertising for your business and you should take advantage. A well design sticker can literally make the sale for you. Bella Digital USA offers premium material for sticker and decal printing.


General Formulations 203 (GF203) This is one of our most popular products for stickers and decals. It exhibits an amazing ink receptive surface allowing you to print on latex, eco-solvent, or UV. This product will create a bond within 24 hours of installation. This product has a gloss finish but if you are looking for a matte finish then GF-201 would be a great alternative. GF-203 has great opacity with a low initial tack so you readjust your sticker or decal but builds a permanent bond within 24 hours. This product has a 5 year life span with clear permanent adhesive.

General Formulations 201 (GF201) This product is used similarly to GF-203 except this is 3.4 mil and offers a matte white finish rather than a gloss.


  • Interior and exterior signage

  • decals

  • stickers

  • nameplates

  • POP displays

For more technical questions here are the spec sheets for both products.




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