Drytac Window Film(ViziPrint Impress Clear)

ViziPrint Impress Clear window film

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This optically clear window film can be used for window display as well as stickers and decals. This materiel is ideally used for interior and short term exterior promotions. The bubble free application makes it easy to remove without leaving any residue that may harm your window. This optically clear PET can be used on all printers UV, Latex, and Eco-solvent. The window film life once installed is 3 years for interior and 2 years for exterior. The hybrid silconized liner creates a strong hold no matter the temperature so rest assured the graphic won’t start to fall off in extreme heat or cold. For installation we recommend wet or dry just make sure the applied surface has been cleaned before applying.


  • smooth flat surfaces

  • window graphics

  • retail promotion

  • decals and stickers


  • can be used for electronics(TV and computer screens, refrigerators, tablets, etc)

  • ideal for smooth flat glass surfaces

  • reverse printable

For more information please refer to the spec sheet

spec sheet: ViziPrint Impress Clear

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