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Eco-Friendly PET

Perfect for window display

Bella Digital’s ECO-CLING

more and more companies are trying to be more Eco-friendly even in their advertising efforts. If the customer is becoming more Eco-friendly that means the printer needs Eco options as well. Our solution for you is our Eco-cling. This product is recyclable and easy to install.

100% recyclable Eco-friendly PET window film

This product can be used indoor or outdoor as long as its installed on a nonporous surface. The beauty of this product is the simplicity in the installation, it has a micro suction layer that allows for easy install with no bubbles. You can also remove it without damaging walls and wash it with water and reapply. Window graphics have never been easier, you can use this product numerous times which saves the client time and money.

Printer compatibility: Latex, UV, and Eco-solvent

Spec Sheet: Eco-Cling

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