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Illuminate your graphic with backlit film

Make your graphic pop with vivid color and outstanding light color expression. With our backlit material you are guaranteed to create head turning graphics. Our translucent polyester coated backlit film is designed for quality backlit applications. We are aware of the timely nature of this business which is why we make sure our material has a fast drying time so you can get your product printed and installed in a timely manner. When printing and installing backlit material you don’t need to laminate however, for protection purposes it wouldn’t be a bad idea. If stored correctly at its recommended temperature our backlit material has a shelf life of about a year. Our recommended storage temperature is between 50 ~ 77 ℉. This material is actually pretty easy to install because of its rigidity and flatness.

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When would I use backlit film?

Backlit applications:

  • lights box graphics

  • Backlit trade show display

  • Department store displays

  • Luminous advertising surface

  • Bus shelter and metro illuminated signage

What backlit material do you offer?

We offer a couple different solutions depending on the type of print you are using. The main difference between our backlit film is that the ABKLIT is used primarily for aqueous printers while the BDBKLIT is usually used with latex, eco-solvent, and UV printers. However, a lot of our customer like using the ABKLIT on latex printers with a custom profile. If you have any specific questions you can use the contact form on the right and one of our trained specialists will reach out to you.



Caliper: 8.6

Weight: 270

Base material: PET

Surface: Matte

Standard width: 36” 42” 50” 54” 60”


Strong and rigid base material with wide color gamut and vivid color and light expression. It has a high ink limit and is anti-slip.

Ink Compatibility:

Pigment/UV/ Latex(custom profile recommended)



Caliper: 8.2

Weight: 275

Base material: PET

Surface: Semi-matte

Standard width: 36” 42” 50” 54” 60”


Strong and rigid base material with wide color gamut and vivid color and light expression. It has a high ink limit and is anti-slip.

* glossy surface also available

Ink Compatibility:


The best print on magnet

Bella Digital premium printable magnet

We carry a variety of printable magnetic rolls for commercial printing. Magnetic graphics can be a great resource to make normal objects into advertisements.

We carry two product lines for our printable magnet, Mactac and our own magnet line Bella Digital.

A big variable that matters when picking out magnetic material is the amount of pull force. We offer material that ranges in pull force from 36lbs all the way to 126lbs. You can use the comparison below for reference. Depending on the job you may need to use something with a little bit more pull force and that is when you would want your high energy material. All of these products are

Applications: custom displays, arts and crafts, POP displays, retail and restaurant.

High energy magnet versus regular printable magnet

Another magnet related product will be receptive. Magnetic receptive can be great for POP displays, message boards, teaching aids, arts and crafts, decorative magnets, portraits, and temporary signage. The way it works is you would have to install plain brown magnet first and then can use the receptive to stick to the magnet. This is why it works great for menu boards and decorative magnet.

Reach out to us for any questions.

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Everyone loves a good sticker

Sticker and Decal Material

Don’t underestimate the power of a well placed sticker or decal. Customers enjoy representing brands they love and one way they do this is by slapping a sticker somewhere. This is free advertising for your business and you should take advantage. A well design sticker can literally make the sale for you. Bella Digital USA offers premium material for sticker and decal printing.


General Formulations 203 (GF203) This is one of our most popular products for stickers and decals. It exhibits an amazing ink receptive surface allowing you to print on latex, eco-solvent, or UV. This product will create a bond within 24 hours of installation. This product has a gloss finish but if you are looking for a matte finish then GF-201 would be a great alternative. GF-203 has great opacity with a low initial tack so you readjust your sticker or decal but builds a permanent bond within 24 hours. This product has a 5 year life span with clear permanent adhesive.

General Formulations 201 (GF201) This product is used similarly to GF-203 except this is 3.4 mil and offers a matte white finish rather than a gloss.


  • Interior and exterior signage

  • decals

  • stickers

  • nameplates

  • POP displays

For more technical questions here are the spec sheets for both products.




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Permanent Adhesive vinyl GF 201 series

General Formulations adhesive vinyl 201 series

gf logo.jpg

General Formulations is one of the leading manufacturers of large format adhesive vinyl. Their 201 series is a great set of products that can be used for an array of different applications. This includes interior and exterior signage for permanent display.


3.4mil-Matte White Vinyl-5yr

GF 201 adhesive vinyl is one of our more permanent options for long term display. It features a clear acrylic adhesive that allows for great opacity. The finish is matte white and is compatible with most printers; eco-solvent, latex, or UV. The liner allows for perfect adhesion even in tougher conditions. The adhesion life of this product is 5 years. This product is a perfect solution for anyone who isn’t going to change out their signage for a while.


  • 3.4 mil

  • 5 year adhesive life (permanent vinyl adhesive)

  • Matte white

  • Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F

  • humid, water, and solvent resistant

Available sizes:

(30” X 150’ roll)

(54” X 150’ roll)

(60” X 150’ roll)


3.4mil-Matte White Vinyl-5yr

This is another great permanent adhesive option the only difference in this product is the HTAP. This is a premium product that has a liner coated with HTAP which makes the bond not easily broken. Just like the GF 201 you can print this on eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers.


  • 3.4 mil

  • 5 year adhesive life (permanent vinyl adhesive) with HTAP

  • Matte white vinyl

  • Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F

  • humid, water, and solvent resistant

Available sizes:

(54” X 150’ roll)

(60” X 150’ roll)


3.4mil-Matte White Opaque Vinyl-5yr

This adhesive vinyl from General Formulations 201 series exhibits a grey back adhesive liner instead of a clear. This product has a premium matte white and also exhibits great opacity. Gf-201-OAP is also compatible with Eco-solvent, UV, and Latex printers.


  • 3.4 mil

  • 5 year adhesive life (permanent vinyl adhesive) with grey back

  • Matte white vinyl

  • Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F

  • humid, water, and solvent resistant

Available sizes:

(30” X 150’ roll)

(54” X 150’ roll)

(60” X 150’ roll)


3.4mil-Matte White Opaque Vinyl- 3-5yrs

This product is the same as the GF-201-OAP except it has an air regress liner that allows for easy installation. The air regress allows less air to be trapped which allows a little more forgiveness for the installer. This product will save you time and trouble on installation while still having a permanent adhesive vinyl solution.


  • 3.4 mil

  • 3-5 year adhesive life (permanent vinyl adhesive) with grey back

  • Matte white vinyl

  • Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F

  • humid, water, and solvent resistant

Available sizes:

(54” x 150’ roll)

Drytac Window Film(ViziPrint Impress Clear)

ViziPrint Impress Clear window film

ViziPrint Impress Clear 3.jpg

This optically clear window film can be used for window display as well as stickers and decals. This materiel is ideally used for interior and short term exterior promotions. The bubble free application makes it easy to remove without leaving any residue that may harm your window. This optically clear PET can be used on all printers UV, Latex, and Eco-solvent. The window film life once installed is 3 years for interior and 2 years for exterior. The hybrid silconized liner creates a strong hold no matter the temperature so rest assured the graphic won’t start to fall off in extreme heat or cold. For installation we recommend wet or dry just make sure the applied surface has been cleaned before applying.


  • smooth flat surfaces

  • window graphics

  • retail promotion

  • decals and stickers


  • can be used for electronics(TV and computer screens, refrigerators, tablets, etc)

  • ideal for smooth flat glass surfaces

  • reverse printable

For more information please refer to the spec sheet

spec sheet: ViziPrint Impress Clear

Feel free to ask one of our specialists any questions you might have

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Continental Graphics panorama film

panorama Court Wrap


Versatile Indoor Floor Graphic

Product name: CourtWrap


CourtWrap is a versatile product that stands out in sporting halls such as basketball or volleyball courts. However, it can be used on any smooth flat non porous surface. This includes glass, metal, tile, sealed concrete and wood. CourtWrap is easy to install and easy to remove. This can also be repositionable without leaving any adhesive residue. When you need to reposition the CourtWrap you can simply wash it with water and simply reapply.


  • Temporary vehicle window display

  • Any smooth flat surface indoor and outdoor

  • Perfect for counter mat display

  • Menu boards - the re-positionable allows for easy changes throughout seasons

  • Elevator graphics

  • Sporting halls and courts

Printer compatibility: Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex, and UV


  • 12 month durability under normal conditions

  • Clean and easy removal for up to 1 year

  • Great dimensional stability

  • Semi-permanent

  • No adhesive residue

Questions Welcomed!

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Don't Slip! Use Spot On Floor 200

SpotOn Floor 200 (2).jpg

Spot on 200 is your slip certified solution

with no lamination!

If you are looking for print media for the floor that requires no lamination and has a class B1 fire rating then look no further. The self-adhesive material is perfect for your next floor graphic and it makes for easy install. We love this product not only for its easy installation but because of its versatility, because of the unique dot-pattern printed pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive you can stick this floor graphic to a variety of surfaces including: floor, ceramic tile, sealed wood, concrete, waxed vinyl, and short pile carpets.

Applications & Features:

  • 8 mil white monomeric PVC

  • Matte finish

  • Dot removable adhesive

  • Short term indoor floor graphics

  • Trade show promotion

  • Retail advertisements

  • Mall or grocery stores

  • Easy removal

Printer Compatibility:

Latex, Eco-solvent, & UV

Spec Sheet: Spot On 200

For more Information feel free to contact us:

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Upgrade your window display with Viziprint Illuminate

Viziprint Illuminate Translucent Matte PET Film

ViziPrint Illuminate (1).jpg

This ViziPrint Illuminate is just what you need to enhance your graphics for your clients. The translucent matte PET film is perfect for window advertisements, displayed during the day or illuminated by store light at night. It can also be used for decorate glass or backlit displays. Great for retail promotions!


  • Smooth flat surfaces

  • Retail and backlit applications

  • Window graphics

  • Decals and Stickers


  • Certified by HP latex inks

  • High quality PET

  • Enhanced illumination

  • No adhesive residue left behind during removal

  • Brighter and more vivid images

  • 3 year durability inside

  • 6 month durability outside

The ViziPrint Illuminate is compatible with UV and Latex Printers. With hybrid adhesive technology, it makes installation easy. This PET brightens any image without need for an over laminate. It features new technology that enhances backlit images by diffusing the light. It is also reverse printable, so you can use it for inside mounting of window advertisements.

Recommended Installation - Wet or dry installation works with this product.

Spech Sheet: ViziPrintIlluminate



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Standard banner solutions

Standard banner solutions


One of the most popular items in our industry is banner vinyl. Whether it’s for a trade show or a billboard, banner material is very versatile. At Bella Digital we offer a variety of options for banner vinyl to help you get your specific job done right!

What is standard banner good for?

  • indoor and outdoor display

  • posters

  • displays

  • flags

  • pop up banners

  • billboards

  • point of purchase

  • trade show signage

Our Proflex vs Super Print

Ultraflex ProFlex is an economical solution for most of your standard banner needs. This is a 13 oz fronlit banner that works well with latex and exhibits an amazing white point.

Product Name: ProFlex

Applications: Banner, Billboard, & Display Systems

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, Latex, & Screen printing

Available Widths: 38” - 126”

Spec Sheet: Proflex

Superprint is perfect for your standard banner needs

Superprint is perfect for your standard banner needs

Superprint is a little less versatile and should mainly be used for banner and display systems. This product is a great decision for display banners. It’s your 8 oz front lit standard banner material. it is cheap and light and perfect for short term application. This material is available in matte and glossy.

Product Name: Superprint

Application: Banner and Display Systems

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, & Screen printing

Available Widths: 38” - 126”

Spec Sheet: Superprint

ProBlockout is used for print jobs where you need complete opacity. This 13 oz standard banner material is double sided with a smooth surface.

Product Name: ProBlockout

Application: Pop, Banner, Banner Stands, Block Out, Trade Show Graphics, Display Systems, and indoor graphics.

Ink Compatibility: Eco-solvent, Solvent, and UV

Available widths: 38” - 126”

Looking for something special for a specific job?

No problem contact us and talk to a specialist!

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Eco friendly window graphics


Eco-Friendly PET

Perfect for window display

Bella Digital’s ECO-CLING

more and more companies are trying to be more Eco-friendly even in their advertising efforts. If the customer is becoming more Eco-friendly that means the printer needs Eco options as well. Our solution for you is our Eco-cling. This product is recyclable and easy to install.

100% recyclable Eco-friendly PET window film

This product can be used indoor or outdoor as long as its installed on a nonporous surface. The beauty of this product is the simplicity in the installation, it has a micro suction layer that allows for easy install with no bubbles. You can also remove it without damaging walls and wash it with water and reapply. Window graphics have never been easier, you can use this product numerous times which saves the client time and money.

Printer compatibility: Latex, UV, and Eco-solvent

Spec Sheet: Eco-Cling

Reach out for more information

Office: (714) 533-8400

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Drytac for window dispaly & window advertising

Drytac Window Film

Short term window graphics do not need to be expensive, save money and time with the install. Drytac “Spot On”. There’s nothing like it in our market.

SpotOn Clear Monomeric PVC Film.JPG

Spot on Window Film

Bubble Free Application

Bella Digital now carries Drytac Spot on bubble free vinyl film. This product is great for short term indoor or outdoor window display. It was designed for delivering high quality, easy to apply products to the front line! It is a simple and straight forward to apply printable vinyl for short-term applications such as: point of purchase, retail signage, trade show and exhibition graphics as well as office interiors. The key to the simplicity of application is a ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables easy bubble-free application on a wide variety of smooth interior surfaces, including walls, windows, glass and more.  With SpotOn, anyone can install graphics anywhere and at any time.

Simplicity and versatility

Suitable for short-term indoor graphics applications, SpotOn Clear is a 100µ (4 mil) high quality, ink receptive printable vinyl. SpotOn Clear monomeric has been developed specifically for the creation of vibrant graphics requiring quick and easy application and removal.  No special tools are required when applying the vinyl, not even a squeegee. Once installed, the film can be repositioned and, if stored correctly, reused. 

Available in clear matte and clear gloss versions, SpotOn is printable by solvent, eco-solvent, HP Latex and UV inkjet printers.

Product features:

  • interior 3 year durability

  • exterior 6 month durability

  • removable and repositionable window vinyl

  • high quality ink receptive bubble free vinyl

  • can be easily removed within 12 months

  • great for general signage, window advertising, and retail promotions

For more information please refer to the following spec sheet:

Spec Sheet: SponOnWindow

Curious about this product? Contact us for a quote or questions.

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See ya at NBM Long Beach!

NBM web banner.jpg

Booth #744 See Ya There!

Exhibiting some great new products from DryTac! Come check us out.

Bella Digital will be towards the back next to MR Clipart and 3m Commercial Solutions

Bella Digital will be towards the back next to MR Clipart and 3m Commercial Solutions

NBM is always a fun time to explore and see what is new in the signage industry. We are excited to partner up with DryTac and show you all some of their cool new products. We will be at booth #744 so make sure to stop by. To help plan your NBM trip please refer to the attached floor plan for NBM Long Beach 2019!

To help you guys prepare here is a list of products that we will be displaying and giving out samples of. We suggest you take a look so we can answer any questions you might have.


DryTac Products

  • Spot On (White, Clear, Frost) - High quality printable vinyl film that is perfect for bring graphic displays to life. It is a short term application, that is great for point of purchase display, retail signage, and trade shows.

Spec Sheet: Spot On (White, Clear, & Frost)

  • Spot On Floor 200 - Non-slip floor graphic that is perfect for tile, wood, concrete, carpet, etc with no need of lamination. This product has a 6 month durability rating.

Spec Sheet: Spot on 200

  • ViziPrint Impress Clear, Illuminate, and Deco -ViziPrint Impress Clear film is an optically clear versatile solution for self-adhesive applications on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces. Great for making visuals stand out!

Spec Sheet: ViziPrint Impress Clear, illuminate, and Deco

  • Polar Burst - Graphics printed onto Polar Burst satin reflective PVC film will catch the eye of any viewer walking by, promoting your product in new and innovative ways. The satin reflective film has outstanding reflective qualities, which creates stunning graphics that retain their vibrancy, day or night and in wet or dry conditions.

Spec Sheet: Polar Burst

  • Polar Grip - polymeric self-adhesive PVC film is the ideal solution when your digitally printed signs or graphics need to be there to stay, whatever the conditions, for up to five years. Polar Grips’s high bond adhesive means you can permanently apply graphics to any smooth surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, glass and more using a premium vinyl with performance you can trust.

Spec Sheet: Polar Grip

  • Polar Polymeric - Polar Grip polymeric self-adhesive PVC film is the ideal solution when your digitally printed signs or graphics need to be there to stay, whatever the conditions, for up to five years. Polar Grips’s high bond adhesive means you can permanently apply graphics to any smooth surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, glass and more using a premium vinyl with performance you can trust.

  • Polar Monomeric - Polar Dynamic is a versatile monomeric self-adhesive PVC film. The premium printable vinyl is available in either gloss or matte finish and with either a permanent or repositionable adhesive backing that leaves no residue when removed. It is designed for a broad range of general signage applications, including posters, retail displays and exhibition graphics. The PVC film is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with a 2 year outdoor lifespan.

Spec Sheet: Polar Polymeric

Spec Sheet: Polar Monomeric

  • ReTac WipeErase - ReTac WipeErase is a white dry erase film with a white gloss, hard coat finish with ReTac ultra removable adhesive.  ReTac WipeErase has a chemical and scratch-resistant UV hard coat and a clear gloss surface that safeguards against ghosting or staining from ink. Its anti-graffiti properties also allows for easy removal of permanent marker.

Spec Sheet: ReTac WipeErase

Curious about these products? Set up a meeting at NBM Long Beach!

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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